Barefoot in Germany

Last time I checked I could not find an app which makes kids take off their shoes and run outside (I mean real OUTSIDE) barefoot. Barefoot? Yes, barefoot.

Older generations remember times they visited their grandparents in the countryside where being barefoot was somewhat compulsory. Today, especially in urban environment, younger people may even not know how it feels like to be barefoot.

Smart people have realized the situation and created places where you can pay for to be barefoot. The funniest part- you are glad to do that because the experience itself is very refreshing for older ones. And absolutely something new for younger ones.

If you are on your way from Hamburg to Hannover by A7 (Bundesautobahn 7), the place will be exactly on the road. Either you are on the business trip or you are on your way to Heide Park Resort or Serengeti Park, it is definitely worth to drop by. Well…assuming you are driving in summer time, because in fall and winter the place is closed. Obviously.

The place is Barfußpark Egestorf (Barefoot park Egestorf).

It has been there already 10 years! How did they know so long time in advance we are going to have the generation who never go outside and experience something real…

The location of Barfußpark Egestorf  is exactly on A7. 

What is the specialty the place will offer?  You can be…barefoot. Simple. That is it. Well, ok, there is more.

The idea of the park is to allow you walk different paths and feel different surfaces and materials under your foot. You can spend here 30 minutes or whole day; it is really up to you.

As most things in Germany, the Barfußpark Egestorf is very well organized. Since this not a tourist trap, you will not meet huge crowds flocking the area.

The real countryside feeling starts already from the parking lot – it is not covered with asphalt or made of stones. Good intro already for the urban humans.

End of city comfortzone. Still attached to the smartphone…youngsters…

You pass a small temptation kiosk, which is more less the only place where you can invest into short-term assets. It makes the place wallet and parents friendly.

barefoot-park-Egestorf 4
Advise- shop here while you are leaving the place, you need your hands for more things than carring the purchases.

Get your tickets and off you go!

You get locker where you will store your daily footwear. From that point on- barefoot only!

barefoot-park-Egestorf 17

barefoot-park-Egestorf 5
So far with clean foot.

There are 62 (!) different stations in Barfußpark Egestorf. You can chose short (1,2 km) -, middle (1,9 km)- or long trail (2,7 km).

Here is the map of the park, I try to get and replace it with the English version since the original I had, soaked due the heavy hailstorm we got while being there.

barefoot-park-Egestorf 16

Here you go…

barefoot-park-Egestorf 6
You find places like this in cities too but if you walk there barefoot…

Can you imagine, you can walk on broken glass. Or on vine corks.

You may be able to create similar environment at your home too (depends on how big vine lover you are) but somehow walking on broken glass in the controlled place generates more confident. So- do not try it at home!

barefoot-park-Egestorf 7
This basin is at the end of the trails. Prewash before the final washing.

As mentioned earlier, you can come to Barfußpark Egestorf with your family or by your own.

It is not just about walking on different surfaces. You will find plenty of other attractions.

barefoot-park-Egestorf 8

barefoot-park-Egestorf 11


If you are interested in doing yoga then there is a yoga land with 9 stations.

Families can spend their day in small beaches by building sand castles and swimming in the pools. This part of the park is called Aquadies and you will find much more there (with separate entrance fee).

You can let take good care of your foot at Natrium and get foot massage or other treatments. Natrim locates right at the starting point of the trails.

If you have finished your muddy but happy hike by the trails full of different stations, you may be worried about your shoes. No need- there are washing hoses and brushes for cleaning up your foot. You may leave even cleaner than you came.

Since the one of the heaviest rain and hailstorm hit us, we had to cut short our stay at Barfußpark Egestorf.

barefoot-park-Egestorf 15
It is always good idea to have raincoat with you. Just in case…and the case will occure!

Too many stations remained untouched by our small foot and this is the place is worth to go back!

If you are heading south by A7, just slow down, turn into Barfußpark Egestorf and find your Inner Child!


The exact location:

Barfußpark Egestorf
Ahornweg 9
21272 Egestorf

Telefon: 04175 – 1516


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