Berlin cat cafés

Alomst everything comes in pairs. Often in opposition.

Ying and Yang. Black and White, Husband and Wife…

There are two type of people. Excel type and Word type for example,

And…Dog people and Cat people.

The best combitation for doing business is when you can combine your passion and work. Then your work will be your passion. So if you love cats…why not to open a Cat café ?

What is that? No, this is not a café where cats can randomly drop by and have latte at the bar, same time looking around for the best possible female who could rise their yet unborn kids.

The Cat café is a place for cat people. Well, dog people can also go there but they would never understand the place as cat people do.

The Cat café is a café where we, humans, are visitors. And cats are at home. Because it is their home. So we should never forget our status while being here.

Here is kind reminder which applies for all cat café around the world:

Cat café rules!

So what are these places about? It is almost normal cafés and in addition you have cats there. Simple. Or is that so?

In Berlin, there are 3 cats cafés (July 2017) and all of them located in very different part of the city.

Pee Pees KatzencaféPeePeeLogo-300x297

Location: Thomasstraße 53, 12053 Berlin

You never come here if you are not a cat lover. Because you would not know this place even exists, since it locates quite far from the downtown.

This is the most bohemian style cat café in Berlin.

There are enough parking lots, if not at front of the caffe, then exactly another side of the road is small parking. The traffic is not heavy on that street, so you can easily cross the road. Since they do not drive with headlights on around the clock and year as people do in Nordic countires, you have to still pay good attention to the left and right!

It seems the location is not on the path of tourist herds. It looks anonymus outside. Which gives very wrong impression!

Double door should prevent unwanted catburts out from the establishment. Or maybe it is for the protection against streetcats who may want to invade the place?

Double door prevents unwanted cat transactions- in or out

The fun fact is that only two cats lived there.

You see, you can set up and start your business even with small number of cats. It takes two to tango. Or run cats coffee.

Salt and pepper cases in Pee Pees Katzencafé

Here is their story:


The cats, Pelle and Caruso, were quite self condent and they did not let to touch themselves too easily. Unless they were sunbathing at the desklamp.


They had their private area where they could have a rest from curious people, when humans just bored them.

The athmosphere here is very relaxing and laid back. Bar tender is very friendly and easy going guy.

As in every proper café , you can have coffee and, other, coffelike drinks (hot chocolade and tee).


If you do not qualify for the coffee due you age, you can always have hot chocolade as an alternative.

But of course they offer very good meals as home made pastries, cakes and salads.

You can buy merchandize at the place to make the visit memorialbe.

Cat pictures and merchandize for sale

The most impressive was the… toilet. It was rated as the most romantic toilet ever seen by two young cat specialists with who I was lucky to visit this place. The atmoshpere were created with very simple things, yet it worked perfectly.

The second place:

Zur Mieze – KatzenmusikcaféZurMieze-logo.png

Location: Wilmersdorfer Str. 158, 10585 Berlin.


The location is on quite lively street so you can just discover if you drive around in Berlin. Parking in this location is more challenging and it took several tours around the block to find an empty lot.

Zur Mieze – Katzenmusikcafé fits well to nice neighberhood, yet it has maybe less crazy personality than Pee Pees Katzencafé.

You can see more cats here in Zur Mieze.

I do not know if they were feeded so heavely that all they could do was sleeping. Because exactly most of them did so. They let to pur themselves easily, which makes the place perfect also for small cat lovers.

There is a full size piano. Under the piano is a water fountain for cats- cats like the moving water for drinking. Some small kids took the advantage of the fountain too-while crawling around they found drinking from the fountain was easier than crawling back to their mother table. Cats did not mind to share…

Cats on the piano

The piano was covered with soft blanket and cats used it as their playing ground. But the piano is there not just for cats. The place is also known as a music café with live music!

The last but definately not the least place:

BaristaCats Katzencafé

Location: Malchower Weg 68, 13053 Berlin. BaristaCats_Katzencafé_logo


BaristaCats Katzencafé locates in suburb of Berlin. This place had different vibe, and felt the most cosy. Somehow as at home.

The place has 200 m2 size backyard green area where visitors can enjoy sunshine with cute cats.

BaristaCats Katzencafé has very good menu:


But of course, Pizza is the safest choice. Especially when you travel with picky teenagers.


Cats are cute and friendly and they let you to pet them easily.


Small merchandize is available too.


Even toilets have marked as they should in real cat cafés

After this small virtual tour to Berlins Cat cafés, You may wonder how food hygen and cats can be combined?

Processing food was separated in all these places and well…they would not operate without German authoroties approval. You know the Germans and their notorious punctuality. This should calm you down.

So. What is the general extra value of cat cafés for humans?

Having a purring cat on your lap reduces stress and have a positive impact on your emotions.
A cat café is a place to relax, talk to other cat-enthusiasts and maybe even make some new friends 🙂

Is it something we all want?

After all,


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  1. Hi Estraveler,

    I came by ‘coincidence’ to your side. I read through the articles and I really became a fan…

    I have been to some of the places in your posts and I like your way of looking at and describing things. Great fun.

    Carry on! Arnie

    P.S.: I would be more a dog type and would skip this world’s cat cafés 😉

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