Breakfast in New York – Friedman’s Cafe

To have a breakfast in US is quite different than it is in Europe. In most cases, your accommodation in a hotel does not include breakfast. This can be very surprising, especially if you are first time in US. So be prepared to walk some distances and stand some lines before you get something to eat!

On the other hand, this situation offers you variety. First, check if your hotel offers the breakfast option. By option I mean the place where you could have your breakfast. Yes, you are going to pay there. You can not just walk in and feel free to piling up whatever you think you are able to eat.

But if it is your first day in New York (or in US) and you are not yet familiar with anything, starting a day from your hotel could be a good and safe choice.

If you happen to stay in Hotel Edison Hotel New York City (we talk about this place in this post), then you can have your first breakfast at their Friedman’s Cafe.

Friedman’s Cafe locates at lobby level and is accessible from the lobby and also directly from the street.

Friedman’s Cafe entrance from the lobby of Hotel Edison New York

Friedman’s Cafe has very friendly and helpful staff who will seat you as it suppose to be in the nice restaurant. Because it is more like restaurant than cafe- check how nice and luxurious is their interior:

Friedman’s Cafe interior

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What to have at Friedman’s Cafe for the breakfast? They have special menu for the early risers, check it out:


What is morning without decent coffee? In US,  very often they offer a kind of coffee which does not come directly from an espresso machine. Instead, it is brewing in huge canisters. Be ready for a bit different type of experience but if you ask, they get you good espresso as well!

new-york-usa-Friedman's Cafe-3.jpg

Of course, they have lot of other stuff. Pancakes for example! When we asked, they told there will be 4 pancakes. For some reason there were only 3 when the plate arrived. The nice lady did not know how to explain that but Friedman’s Cafe reaction was quick- they brought the “missing one” real soon. Afterwards we were checking other quests plates with pancakes- they all had 3…

new-york-usa-Friedman's Cafe-6.jpg
First portion with 3 pancakes
new-york-usa-Friedman's Cafe-9.jpg
…and the missing one

They serve lovely table water, in nicely designed bottle.

Good food and service deserve good money and it is very good they give you nice hints how much tip to leave. Very useful for Europeans, who may not know the American customs.

new-york-usaFriedman's Cafe9.jpg
Friedman’s Cafe bill

Friedmans At the Edison, is located at 237 West 47th Street, inside the Hotel Edison.


Sunday – Monday: 7:00AM – 10:00PM

Tuesday – Saturday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM  

Menu Private Events Catering | Call (646) 876-1232 for reservations

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