Coolest Airport in the world?

Lonely Planet Best in Travel Best Value 2018 city is Tallinn. There is no question about that.

But did you know that Tallinn has also one of the coolest airport in the world? Is that so?

Continue reading and decide yourself.

Tallinn airport is very compact, yet very modern. It is just one building. All gates locate on one single corridor. No hassle with connecting to another terminal by sky train or even worse, by couch.

You may miss Mr. Lennart Meri bareljef on the main hall wall on the left hand side as almost everybody does. Still, just have a look on that great man, the first president of Estonia after the occupation.  By the way, the name of Tallinn Airport is actually…Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport. That is why his “split” statue is on the wall of the Tallinn Airport.

Afraid of thieves at handling service, especially if you are going to have very long flight with several connections? Well, you can wrap you luggage nicely to ensure the maximum safety. By the way, doing so also prevents someone to put something into your luggage!

Hi-tech gates lets you in into the security area.

QR code readers for printed boarding passes or smartphones.

Security locates often in dark, sometime even in claustrophobic environment. Not at Tallinn Airport! You will see whole airfield even before you have passed security!

Soft carpet of the security area let you feel just like at home in case you have to remove your shoes.

Soft carpet at Tallinn Airport security area

State of the art screening and belt systems separates the hand luggage if security staff has extra questions about its content. This piece of luggage is directed to separate belt. Very convenient for other passengers who can pick their stuff calmly.

Sorry, no images were allowed at that point.

In case you have forgot something to buy in Tallinn, worry no more. You are very gently but firmly directed into tax-free shop right after security check. Actually, there are no other options than pass the shop. If you keep your eyesight straight (and mind clear), you can walk straight though it without any investment into the designers fragrances or local alcohol.

Tax free at Tallinn Airport. Right after the security check

Do not believe so far regarding the compactness?

Check the airport layout.

Tallinn Airport layout
Tallinn Airport layout

But wait, the cool stuff is just about to begin.

You are a kindhearted person and you donate every time you see need or opportunity. At Tallinn Airport, it is very easy- all collection cans are integrated to one location. You can easily pick your favorite or even better, give them all!

Givers boxes

Do you still remember the good old table games? If you do or miss them, here is your chance to forget your smart device (free Wi-Fi at Tallinn Airport is granted anyway and it is not even worth to mention).

Tallinn Airport- table games

Play the real game, dude! No, you do not have to rent these games. All you have to do is…to put them back when you are finished.

Forgot to buy a book? You do not have to. You can “borrow” to book from Tallinn Airport. And return it when you return. Or… replace with your book.

Table games are too small for you? No problem, play chess on the floor.

Giant chess at Tallinn Airport

Still not enough action?

Table tennis with all necessary equipment is waiting you free of charge.

Need something for your (or other happy passengers) soul? If you have skills and will, you can sit behind on of the world’s best pianos- Estonia.

And play! As much as you want!

The most inspiring things at Tallinn Airport are the gates.

They all look something else than ordinary gates.

Can you imagine this is a way to an airplane and not to the woods?

Gate to the…nature!

Where else you can have beer (legally) at the gate itself?

Air- or ferry port? Not quite sure…

Tallink gate at Tallinn Airport

However, the coolest gate is this. Myfitness gate. There is a gym at the gate for everybody!

If you have passed one of these cool gates, you may have a very healty and refreshing small walk to your plane if the plane is small. It depends on your next destination but as said, fresh air is always good!

Small walk


Traveling with kids is challenging, especially when they start to be bored. Not at Tallinn Airport!

They can amuse themselves at Lotte playground. Lotte is the most famous character for the kids in Estonia. She even has her own theme park called Lottemaa (Lotte Village).

Lotte playground at Tallinn Airport

Kids stayed at home this time? You can not go back empty handed. Do not worry, all you need is here available.

Toy store at Tallinn Airport

You will not starve at Tallinn Airport. There are several options. French style cosy coffee shop, pub, sushi, diner etc.

Wonder why the seats have random stipes? There is nothing random at Tallinn Airport. These stripes are inspired from Estonian national clothing. To be even more precise- from skirts.

Waiting for you luggage can be one on the most annoying activities. They made this at least little bit more joinable by branding also the luggage belts. It gives some ideas where you may want to go shopping in Tallinn. No brainer, especially if you have very short stay.

Viru Keskus shopping mall luggage belt at Tallinn Airport

Let say you wait someone to arrive to Tallinn Airport.

The normal drill is that you see a person only when the mysterious doors opens and a person comes out after customs.

In Tallinn, you can already sneak who is coming through the windows! It can bring people together several minutes earlier- imagine a kid sees his/her dad!

Quests waiting area at Tallinn Airport

Rushing in a very important meeting and suddenly you discover you tie is not as it should be. And you have completely forgot how to tie a tie. And your wife is not here. Well, the mirrors of the level -1 bathrooms know the answer. Relax and follow the instructions.

You get valuable information even in the toilets. Just pick a cabin most in your theme.

You are in hurry? Even here Tallinn Airport takes good care of you.

Tallinn-airport-79 (1)
Good advice!

Sooner or later you have to leave this wonderful airport.

There is no huge car rental (separate) terminal (building). All car rental companies are nicely lined up one the way out. You find the following players here: Avis, Sixt Rent a Car, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Dollar Thrifty, Enterprise Rent a Car, Alamo Rent a Car, National Car Rental, NÜ Car Rentals

Car rental area at Tallinn Airport. Just on the way to the parking lot.

Taxi? Taxi service is transparent because Tallinn Airport does not allow shady taxes on their territory. Fares are publicly displayed. You can grab a taxy literally at the door. This is one of the world closest taxi stops to the terminal building.

Fan of public transportation?

Two options- city couch or long haul couch to Tartu. Getting tickets- from this modern terminal on spot! Location of the bus stops? Again, so close that it is hard to believe. Very useful especially when weather is not the best.

The best part of Tallinn Airport? It is expanding and for sure, there will be many more cool features when the construction works are finished!

Tallinn Airport after renovations

…well then. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the, if not coolest, then definately coziest airport in the world – Tallinn Airport. Welcome to Estonia!


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