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My name is Urmas Kiisk and welcome to estraveler.com!

Why another travel blog and why now?

The best time to plant a tree … was 20 years ago. Next best time- today.

This blog is not about to let you know where I have been or where I am heading or what I ate, or what I experienced. Since the beginning, I have known that airlines let you on board even you have not announced where you go in Facebook. In my case, it stays like this.

This blog will be more like- what is there? How others can benefit from it?

I have been lucky to travel quite a lot, thanks to my business. I have visited 32 different countries so far.

Suddenly I realized no one else has had a chance to use my experience. What a waste! There has been hundreds of places, situations and hidden treasures I have seen or experienced.

Why make the same mistake every time by different people? Why not to avoid something because you already know it in advance? Why not to see something you would normally miss?

Sharing is caring. I strongly believe in sharing, informing and helping others. In my opinion, it is one of the purposes in one’s life.

Moreover, Great stories happen to those who can tell them!

I have had a chance to travel for 27 years since I first was aboard. I realized that all memories I have about my trips are mostly in my head. Some of them are on printed images (from my trips years ago) and some of them on the hard drives. I never watch them more than once (right after the trip). So having this blog about the trips will help to remember things, places and facts. This may be useful for other people future travels.

Writing things through helps actually to see more. If you think how to describe things, you start to pay more attention on details and it may keep a man mentally in better shape.

There are gazillion travel blogs in the world. Why one more? What is the extra value this blog will offer?

I believe there is never too much good content in the world. Moreover, I have no stress to do that because I am not competing with anybody since this here is not a business project.

Estarveler stands for ES(T)- Estonia, TRAVELER- Definition of traveler: a person who is travelling or who often travels.

I am Estonian and live in Estonia. Why then is this blog in English?

First, it would help me to maintain certain language skill level.

Second, I assume all my todays’ friends are able to understand English.

Third. I believe Estonia is kind of an exotic country for the most of the world. Point of views of its inhabitant can be interesting for the rest of the world due the possibly different approach. English simplifies to avoid lost in translation effect.

Fourth. I am a big fan and advocate of my country and most probably, I will write several stories about places or travels in Estonia. Maybe these tales will promote our great small country for foreigners and inspire them to come here or help those how are already coming anyway.

Let´s see. If I feel in one-year time that I have failed to offer good content or valuable information, then I will pull the plug. Easy, because I do not have to report anybody 😉



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