Free stuff in New York City – trip to Staten Island.

You are in New York and you wonder how to fulfill your day (or, let’s say 4 hours) without losing a fortune? Have a trip to Staten Island. It is free!

Besides, you will have very good view on the most iconic landmarks of New York- Brooklyn Bridge, Statute of Liberty and Manhattan skyline.

Staten Island ferry is one of the few attractions, which is still free for everybody. Use it as long it lasts.
First, you have to get to the ferry port. That is easy using subway. If you use E train, you travel to WTC station. From there you can have 5 minutes’ walk to the ferry port.
If you use train 1, you will end up exactly at South Ferry station, which is the location you want to reach.
When stepping out, you will be immediately surrounded by boys and girls from different ferry companies who try to sell you different trips. If you are looking for the free of charge experience, just ignore them!

The ferry service between Manhattan and Staten Island is meant for peoples every day commuting but as a tourist, you can benefit out of that.
As you see from the time schedule, the service goes around the clock and whatever time you arrive to the terminal, the next ferry is less than 30 minutes to wait.

There are no strict security procedures as you see at airports but Coast Guards is presented. It makes you feel safe, especially if you spot their four-legged associate.

While on duty, the sleeping place is empty

Ferries are big. Several hundred people will be boarded to each trip. There are two types of ferries. With open decks and with closed decks. If you are fancy to take pictures of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan skyline or Brooklyn Bridge, you like to have the ferry with  open decks.

Staten Island ferry

If you have bought smaller boat ticket from the people who bothered you at the entrance of the Ferry Terminal, you may be get closer to the Statue of Liberty.

But. As you see from the pictures below, the free ride offers also good optiona to have a good look and to get good shots. Why pay for that?

South Ferry port, Manhattan, NYC
Manhattan Skyline
Ellis Island
Statue of Liberty
Seagulls will send you all the way

Once you have reached to Staten Island and if you do not want to stay there at all, you can catch the ferry, which goes back to Manhattan.  But you must run fast to switch the ferries. Rather stay there for a bit longer.

What to do there, on Staten Island, you may ask? Have a good food!

There is a very good Spanish cuisine restaurant Beso. It is at walking distance from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.

Spanish Restaurant Beso

The food is delicious, service kind and the atmosphere is very authentic.



Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

If you are lucky, you will be there while they offer live music entertainment. That was lovely because it was not very loud.

Live music is more as background, not annoying but really creating good mood

It is just 8 minutes walk from Beso to port for the trip back to Manhattan.

Consider around 4 hours in total for the whole trip- return journey by ferry and lunch/dinner at Besos.

The best part – ferry trip is free! Enjoy while its lasts 😉

Staten Island Ferry Port location:


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