Getting more energy trough …starving?

Getting more energy trough …starving?

7 days without food? Yes, this is possible and you will even enjoy it!

Out there is one place, where you can have very different experience.

Fasting. Seven. Days. No. Food.

And there is a place, where you can experience it.

It is called Loodus Biospa.

Loodus Biospa is locating in Estonia, near Tartu and it is unique in whole Baltic and Scandinavian area.

I heard about this place form a guy who told he visits this place every spring to get extra energy and clean his body. Since he was respected architect, I had no doubt in his mental condition.

What is their promise?


The translation is:

With 7 days, 7 kilos lighter, 7 years younger, 7 time more energy.

Can they stand for their promise? Let´s find out.

It took me 10 years and one nice day the time for right for me. I just booked the full package- 7 days fasting. Then I had no other choice than go.

Important tip- if you plan your 7 day for fasting, please consider that you must have very special diet on following 7 days. Check your calendar first –  if you have to travel after that, you must carry your special food with you.

Loodus Biospa is not another woo doo place. Dr. Natalia Trofimova, who has been dealing with fasting therapy more than 30 years, runs it. Sounds like lot of experience.

The place is easily reachable from Tartu. For people from Baltics, it makes sense to come by own car. Tartu is nice town to look around before or after your therapy. If do not have your own car, they offer transfer from Tartu at the beginning of you session and after too.

In spite of it being not far from Tartu, Loodus Biospa is absolutely in the middle of the wonderful nature.

You can not miss the right place to make the turn

You can chose milder packages too, but I took the hardcore one- fasting 7 days. Well, the doctor actually decides if you are good enough for 7 days or just 3 days.

First thing you get while checking in, is a half-liter water bottle with your fist name and room number on it. This bottle will be your best buddy for the following 7 days. You have to refill it constantly and count how many bottles you consume. This helps you to be on right track.

Your personal copy of a bottle

On your arrival, you are given small bag of bitter salt; you dissolve it in the water and drink it. This is the beginning of your cleaning process because in some hour time, you find yourself in the toilet and man…all you had in, comes out. Luckily not form mouth.

Which bring me to the very important tip. They are offering different packages- single room, double room, or … more people in one room. Price is, of course, relevant.

You want to be in the single room, do not choose any other option although cheaper price may be luring.

Why, you may ask? Because you will have enema every morning and every evening.

Yes, two times a day. Do you know what enema is? They pump 1-liter water inside of you. Again, not from the mouth!

After that, you have around five minutes to find a toilet, which you will occupy for several minutes. That is why you want to have a single room. It is much better not to share your toilet in such circumstances!

You are giving a personal bag, which you have to take with you every time you go to get your enema. Bag contains your personal device they are using. I did not feel I wanted to study the content of the bag more closely.


Sounds  creepy already? Frankly speaking, no.

First, you got medical check. Doctor measures you with a machine, which tells you exactly how fat you are, where the fat is etc. This is well known Jawon ioi353 test. You get really cool report! Now you have to hope that at the end of your therapy some figures are better. I can already tell you in advance that they will! Cause you cannot eat a thing! Well, actually. You are allowed to have one cup of broth every lunchtime. Somehow, I missed that information at first day.

Coffee table without coffee. Just water, hot water and broth at lunch time

They keep you in action through the days. Every morning 8 AM, you find yourself with other fellow “sufferers” outside, doing breathing exercises. For that time you already had your first daily enema. After that- Nordic walking. They tell you should do it 3-4 times and cover around 10 km each day in total! Surely, they teach you how to do it if you have not done it before.

Loodus Biospa has fantastic surrounding and they also have well-organized trails for walking. Clear colors and arrows do not let you get lost. You can combine the trails to have your desired distance.

Nordic walking sticks come in different length, you surely find suitable for your body
Color coded tracks do not let you get lost

Loodus Biospa staff keeps you busy through the day, so you have no time to think of food or feel starved.

Everything Loodus Biospa is organized. You will find your next day schedule on the white board every evening and you fulfill your personal planner accordingly. Then you know exactly when and which procedure to get or where to go.

Next day calendar with times and other information

The house is very cozy. Every floor has sofas. Soft carpet and nice wallpaper make it feel like at home. You can sit and read in quiet library. Water coolers are also on every floor, also additional toilets.


They told the 3rd or 4th day could be most difficult. On 4th day, I had to take a small break and took my kids to Tallinn and back. In total 430 km by car and I was away from Loodus Biospa for eight hours. In addition, I missed my lunchtime broth this day too. I just equipped myself with plenty of water.

While I was renewing my water reserves at a gas station, girls bought chocolate muffins and ice cream cocktails. Of course, they consumed them in car and I had to cope with that.

Then it was time fore late lunch for the kids because day was long. We went into Lido restaurant, which has all food displayed for customers. More than 200 dishes. I had to stand in the middle of it and afterwards wait for kids to finish their lunch.

…close up of food

Guess what. Not even single muscle moved in my face. Yes, I felt some liquids in my mouth but in general – I felt quite nothing. Very strange…


There is one important procedure, which may scare you, but actually, this is quite ok.

Deep Colon Cleansing. They have sophisticated machine compare to daily enema device you carry in that plastic bag.

They will pump into you around 2,5 liter water. Then if flows out. You and your therapist can see what is coming out. As you have not eaten for several days by now, you can assume this is not the ordinary crap. What you see is why you are here at the first place. You see toxins and leftovers from your intestine. And it all can be washed out.

They told they have found a coin, which grown up man had swallowed when we was child. A 10 m long ribbon. And other funny stuff. Crazy, ah?

Behind that door you get your daily enema and deep colon cleaning


You package contains massage every day for 25 minutes but you can upgrade it to 55 minutes.

Loodus Biospa has sauna, small pool and part of your 7 day therapy exercises are done in the water.

Swimming pool has strong current, so you can even swim there for longer time

The place is not only about therapies. It is also about the education. Every day you will have a lecture, live or on TV. Lecture about healthy nutrition and so on.

Lectures are by TV on in live, depends on topic and presence of lectors


The range of the therapies are very wide and you can have every day several different treatments. For example, every noon time group gathers into hall to have half an hour exercise or yoga. Exercises are not very difficult; some older ladies from then seventies took bravely part of these without no issues.

Small groups fits easily to this cosy hall

In Loodus Biospa, You can switch off completely form your everyday life. If you cannot afford that, they have good free wi-fi and you are connected to the real world all the time.

When you are not not full fasting, then you have special diet and their cooks serve it for you in this nice small canteen.

Rather keep the door close because people on full fasting may steal you food while they see it

So different is everything (because normally you do eat).

Loodus Biospa staff speaks Estonian, Russina and English, so nothing will be lost in translation.

I am not a doctor to suggest you fasting. I am here to tell you about the place and the opportunity.

The summary of the week at Loodus Biospa

Nordic walking: 48,4 km

Water consumed: 18 liters

Number of enemas: 12

Number of deep colon cleansing: 3

Improved: sense of taste and sense of smelling


7 kilos lost weight?

Well, failed a bit. Lost only 6,1 kg. But I noticed that the weight continues decrease on following days so, in general yes, 7 kg achieved!

7 year younger?

Last day, while doing the ioi 353 test again, the doctor had to ask my age for the machine. 43, I told. She froze for a moment and looked up. I asekd – what? She- I would gave you max 35… So 8 years younger!!!

7 times more energy?

7 kilograms equals 14 (fourteen!) bottles of well-known sugared water.


Imagine, you put 14 bottles of it into your jacket pockets and you walk around with that jacket several years.

One day you take the jacket off. How does it feel? I bet you feel more energy!

Getting more energy trough …starving? The answer is yes!


Here is how you can find them:

Tilga tee, Muri küla, Luunja vald, 62208 Tartumaa, Eesti

GPS coordinates: 58° 24´ 26´´N; 26° 49´30´´ E

Tel.+ 372 509 3581 (9:00 – 19:00)  e-mail:   internet:   Facebook:

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