A different place to visit in Osaka, Japan


If you happen to be in Osaka, then before or maybe even instead of rushing into tourist traps and ancient temples, consider something different.

Especially when you are more business than culture related person.

Not quite sure how many people may know who was Konosuke Matsushita. However, I am sure all people know brand name Panasonic.

Konosuke Matsushita was the founder of Panasonic Corporation.

I do not know if you find this place in common tourist leaflets, therefore I bring it up to you. It is definitely good idea to visit Konosuke Matsushita museum, although “museum” may sound boring at first glance.

Why to visit?

Because it gives you very good overview with reasonable time about the history of one of the biggest corporation in the world.

No need to worry, museum itself if compact and you do not have to spend hours among dusty boring things.

As everything in Japan, everything is very well organized and guided. Just follow the signs.

Sign guides you gently but firmly on the correct path through the museum and Konosuke Matsushita life

The tour begins with 20-minute film, which gives nice overview of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita and Panasonic Corporation history.

An interesting fact:

Young Konosuke Matsushita was working in Osaka Electric Light Company.

His boss rejected his suggestions about improvement of the product they produced. In return, he quit and established its own company. Many great stories began like this and this is one of them.

1918 Panasonic´s first product. “Improved Attachment Plug” is designed and launched.

The first products of Panasonic

The first display is a tiny replica of their first manufacturing house. Feel free to scroll or zoom in!

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In 1923, he invented the best bicycle headlamp imaginable at that time. The lamps at  that time used candles or very poor electrical solutions, which did not perform well. Konosuke Matsushita invented bullet shape lamp was superior of all the existing ones but there was one problem- no bicycle reseller want to list this item.


The producers stock piled up. Then Konosuke Matsushita made a very risky move and gave out 20 thousands of these lamps as free samples to resellers.


It turned out very vise decision and bullet shape headlamp became new industry standard for years.

The original 1923 bullet shape bicycle headlamp

All Panasonic key products of the times have been nicely presented. Below short overview what you may expect.

Washing machine and TV set
Fridge and another washing mashine with manual dryer
Radio sets
Vacum cleaner
Electrical bike, cool isn´t it?


Konosuke Matsushita museum offers you a great way through Panasonic history from the early days until today.


Panasonic has not been just a giant producer of household electronics. It has actively supported and participated in Japan´s community.


One good example is the Time Capsule, which was burried at time EXPO 70 (The first World Exposition in Asia).


Actually, they made 2 capsules. These were prepared by Panasonic and The Mainichi Newspapers to commemorate EXPO’ 70 in Japan, in the hope of transmitting aspects of the present culture to those living in the future, some five thousand years on. With this aim of preserving the culture as of 1970 over a five thousand-year period for the interest of future generations, 2,098 thoughtfully selected articles and archives were placed in capsules.


Two capsules were buried in a park area in front of Osaka Castle; one at a depth of 10 meters for opening every 100 years, and the other at a depth of 15 meters for opening after 5,000 years.

Replica of the Time Capsule


Below you can see brief summary of Mr. Konosuke Matsushita achievements thought history.

panasonic-konosuke-matsushita-history_1panasonic-konosuke-matsushita-history_2 What a remarkable man. You may find this place more interesting than “lot of old stones” somewhere else because the history is still made every day by Panasonic corporation.

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The nearest stations:

Three minute walk from Nishi-sanso station on the Keihan Line. Change to Keihan Line at Kadoma-shi station from Monorail.


1006 Oaza-Kadoma, Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture 571-8501.

TEL 06-6906-0106
FAX 06-6906-1894

Opening Hours
9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
Reception until 30 minites before closing

Sundays, National Holidays, and New Year Holidays

Entrance Fee

4 sedans and 6 buses

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