Manhattan, New York City- how to get there and where to stay?

New York City, Manhattan- how to get and where to stay there?

New York…here will be several post about New York- what do to, where to go and what to see.
You can write every day about New York something new- so wide is the topic.

But you must start from somewhere. I am going to tell you how to get to Manhattan and describe one possible option where to stay.

First, most probably you will arrive by plane. I strongly suggest you to check where you are going to land before you travel. JFK is not like the world most comfortable airport. There are 8 terminals at JFK. It is a monster where you can not just walk to another terminal.

How to get to Manhattan (or actually any other place too)? You do it by using the combination of AirTrain and subway.

So, first you have to use AirTrain. Follow the signs- AirTrain.

Keep left.

There are some temptations on the way. Stay confident and say no to these yellow guys. You do not want to take them.

New York City taxi line at JFK

Because they are going to charge you up to 70 USD plus, guess what…tip up to 20%. Moreover, you may stay in traffic longer you ever thought.

Besides, as you noticed on that image- there are no more cool taxis in New York City! No more iconic Lincoln Crown Victorias! They are using … Nissan NV cargo vans! For transporting…human cargo. Who wants to be “cargo”? Anyway, just skip these guys.

Be careful while crossing road outside (in case you are first time in US) – the American style traffic lights operate very different way you may be use to. Luckily, they have full manual attached. Worth reading, even for people who normally ignore RTFM command.

AirTrain is, as the name indicates- in the air. So you must use elevator to reach to the air (train) level.. JFK AirTrain is a train, which connects all 8 terminals, car parking and finally Jamaica station. Jamaica station is the place where New York City subway begins for you.

Go to level 3
Jamaica train. It is easy to remember- Jamaica!
AirTrain circle map. AirTrain connects all terminals. Simple and easy to understand.

When you have arrived to Jamaica station, follow the signs to NYC Subway.

(NB! One day you have to leave NYC. And most probably to do it by the same route but in opposite direction. Pay attention when you take the blue E train again with direction to Jamaica station- you must exit one stop before Jamaica Center!)

NYC Subway is easy to find. Just read the signs.

You have to pay 5 USD for AirTrain but do not worry, you can do it after your ride. Otherwise, you cannot proceed to the subway system. You can buy AirTrain ticket and New York subway ticket from machines.

Here you get out from AirTrain area:

Here you are let out from AirTrain station. If you have paid for your ride.

Here you enter to the NYC Subway system:


You must take E train, marked with blue line on the maps. Rest is easy. New York City Subway cars are clean and modern- all oncoming stops are shown in clever display.


Subway cars are clean and modern. In most cases.
You can not miss your stop, these screens keeps you on your track.

You can stay many places in Manhattan. I am going to suggest just one particular hotel. Hotel Edison New York City.

Why this place? Well…why not?

As often declared in real estate business, what counts is location, location and location. And Hotel Edison New York City has very good location on Manhattan.

All you have to do is to get off at right station. Which is 50th street station. Manhattan in New York City, as many other US cities, has very simple street system. Streets and Avenues with numbers. Streets are from west to east, Avenues from North to South. Well, almost- because if you check with the compass, you can see difference some degrees due the Manhattan peninsula location.

Just walk down by 3 blocks, turn to the left and there you are.

So why is the location of Hotel Edison New York City good? Because the Time Square is literally around the corner.

New-York-Hotel Edison-New-York-City
Time Square is around the corner!

All landmarks and places are walking distance from Hotel Edison New York City (we will talk about these in oncoming blog posts).

The hotel offers quite good bang for the buck, other places around are more expensive. Of course, you have to check the rates and availability for your desired dates.

The hotel rooms at Hotel Edison New York City are modest and rather small (compared to the hotel rooms in Vegas for example). Not much luxury.

There is a funny fact I have discovered recently. Or let say – realized.

The hotel rooms are for staying overnight. And at night you normally sleep, right? Your eyes are closed. So… you do not see how luxurious your room is. Or is not. The most important, at least in NYC, is that what is out there (not what is inside of your hotel room)?

The rooms may have a bit better sound isolation but when you stay in NYC on Manhattan, you will sleep with earplugs anyway. So it does not matter. You may wonder why You have to use the ear plugs?

Well, NYPD and FDNY (and some more 3 or 4 letter institutions) let everybody know they are coming. Day and night.

So. You have safely arrived to Hotel Edison New York City. What to do next? First, have a good nap and get over your jet lag.

I am going to write several separate posts about what to do, where to go and what to see in New York City.

After one week in New York City, on my way back to JFK, I spotted the following advertisement in the subway:

How do they know?

I skimmed trough my taken images and found these below:

Epic. How did they know…?

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