SantaCon, New York

Ho Ho Ho… when you happen to be in New York City around Christmas time, you could get part of quite funny experience – SantaCon. If you have more time and dedication, you can really take part of it, if you act as a tourist, you can just watch. Both ways are worth of your time, the first option is of course more energy consuming.

What is SantaCon? SantaCon is, according to their official web site, a charitable, non- commercial, non-political, nonsensical Santa Claus Convention that happens once a year to spread absurdist joy. Sounds good!

What is SantaCon about? FAQ is nicely covered here. As far as I understood, this is a good cause to dress like Santa Claus (or his assistant) and … get drunk. The rough idea is that all Santa like creatures will gather at certain location in NYC (the location will be announced only one night before) and then they move into bars. In 2017, it was NYC Post Office Building stairs. Several bars across NYC are SantaCon partners, offering drinks at special prices for Santa. And of course, the main purpose is charity. In order to participate as qualified drinker and party animal (a reindeer?), you must donate to get your badge.

The first gathering action is worth to watch. It lasts around one hour and it is really funny. Please check the location one night before and be there around 15 minutes earlier. You will see how people in Santa costumes, will coming from different directions and flooding the place. The location will have the highest density of Santa on the earth. Most of them have already started their alcohol consuming tour at home, so the atmosphere and mood around is good.

The whole area is nicely secured, which allows Santa relax and have fun. I assume to the certain limits of course.

NYPD secures the area

To stand out from the crowd, you need more than to be a Santa. Christmas Tree for instance.

Christmas Tree preparations
…and in action!
Still enough place to take pictures of legs.
More freezing legs.

SantaCon is covered by media of course. As you see, some folks use old fashioned cameras combined with modern ones to capture the event:

The place is secure, as you see, even State Police is on duty. Why do the keep prisoner transportation van there?

In US, they can not cope without cheerleaders even on Christmas time
You can feel the joy!

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

So, next time you plan your Christmas Trip to NYC, make sure you select the dates which match with SantaCon!

It seems also movie makers got some inspiration from SantaCon

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